It is said that you randomly come up with four ideas per year during your daily commute each one of which could make you a millionaire, yet the vast majority of us fail to materialize our ideas and convert them into a business or practical means of serving others.

In this program as part of the Let’s Talk edition of Beyond the Present (BTP) podcast, Daniel and Pouya share with you some ideas on how to bring your ideas into reality and overcome the inner obstacles that prevent you from doing so. 

Pouya sits down with Ali and Kanwar to talk about depression, mental health, social media, what it means to be depressed and how we can cope with it in today's world. Our guests will be sharing some personal insights into how they dealt with depression and/or anxiety and how they managed to overcome them. 

In this episode we address some of the missing pieces of mental health as we come to see and understand them in our own lives.

One of the biggest issues in learning a foreign language is acquiring proper pronunciation habits so as to be well understood when communicating with the other speakers of that language. Alas, most of us struggle with a thick foreign accent upon speaking our target languages. In this program as part of the Polyglot Edition of Beyond the Present (BTP) podcast you will be reminded of the importance of developing good pronunciation habits and are offered a few tips on how to actually do just that. If you don't want to speak your target languages just to see that the native speakers can't understand a single word you are saying then make sure to listen to this program.

Apart from death all other defeats are psychological, this is the belief that many high achievers live by! In this program as part of the Let's Talk edition of Beyond the Present (BTP) podcast Daniel and Pouya delve deep into the concept of refusing to accept failure and moving on after having faced with obstacles and setbacks.

Developing a strong mindset can make the difference between inspiring victory and utter failure and having a long term mindset that allows you to think on a macro level rather than a micro one makes the development and maintenance of this mindset possible! If you want to internalize the aforementioned concept then give this program a listen and make sure to tune back whenever you face with setbacks on the way to your goals.

If you think UFO’s were a fad that belonged to the 20th century and they have since disappeared then think again! The Pentagon’s new interest in all things UFO’s following the announcement of US Space Force has made many wonder whether UFO’s can actually be the next big thing on humanity’s expedition in search of alien technologies.

In this episode of Beyond the Present (BTP) Podcast  Daniel and Pouya join Deep Prasad to discuss the issue of UFO’s and how it might affect our societies, economies, and very future. 

Whether you are a firm believer in UFO’s, an agnostic one, or someone who openly rejects their existence, you can find tons of useful information in this episode so don’t miss out!

If you have no plan for a good financial future then you cannot have one which is why in this program as part of the Let’s Talk edition of Beyond the Present Podcast (BTP) Daniel and Pouya discuss the issue of personal finance and help the listeners understand the formula for building wealth so as to move from financial insecurity to financial security and beyond towards financial independence and eventually financial freedom. 

They also emphasize on the importance and practicality of real estate investment and discuss the prospect of building wealth with the help of Airbnb, the online service that has transformed renting houses all over the globe. 

You will never become wealthy through income alone no matter how high your income and in this program you will learn what millionaires and billionaires have done for centuries to amass their wealth. 

Your social circle will set the boundary as to what you can and cannot do and what outcomes you will obtain in your life. Following a question asked by one of the avid listeners of Beyond the Present Podcast, Daniel delves deep into the issue of social circle management and how to end friendships and relationships that no longer serve a purpose and instead making them with like minded men and women who are on the same path in life as you. Either your friend, contact, or partner is growing with you or is stopping your growth which is why you want to do what Brian Tracy recommends and “never make useless acquaintances!”. In this solo round you will learn exactly how to implement this strategy in your own social circle.  

It is said that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with and in this program as part of the Let’s Talk edition of Beyond the Present (BTP) Podcast, Daniel and Pouya discuss the issue of friendship and shed light on what it means to have true friends! 

True friendship is founded upon a win-win dynamic among two sides with mutual interest and in this program you will learn why thinking win-win can pave the way for acquiring true success and happiness in life! 

Govind Mohan is a Mathematician, Philosopher and an entrepreneur . 
Deep Prasad is a Physicist, Philosopher and an entrepreneur.
More information about them can be found in the show-notes.

In the 20th century, we reached a synergistic pinnacle in mathematics, computing and the sciences that allowed us to abstract a very fundamental human task -- learning. One of the major contributing factors to this was David Hilbert's undertaking to create a foundation for mathematics. This subsequently allowed for the development of inference/deduction engines that were able to automatically prove theorems (since there was now a rigorous definition for a proof).

Following this, our focus was shifted towards the study of probability, which allowed us to use uncertainty to model events. However, there is no widely accepted unification of these methods. What would such a unification look like? How can we teach computers to make clear, explainable inferences that make use of probability? Is there more to human cognition than this combined process?



Throughout the history many changes and revolutions in the field of medicine have led to the creation of new approaches to the subject and many patients have benefited from various types of therapies and healing; however, modern medicine has stood against the former approaches and labeled them unscientific, but is the scientific community right about this? 

In this episode of Beyond the Present Podcast Daniel and Pouya join Emilija to discuss the shortcomings of modern medicine and criticize alternative medicine for those who might opt for the latter.


Medical error is one of the causes of death in the United States as well as the rest of the world and if you are concerned whether you should trust your doctor or not then you owe it to yourself to listen to this episode! 

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